Kick the to the Future Campaign into hyperdrive by participating with a group! We’ve designed individual, classroom, home, and workshop activities and curricula. Take a look!

For Classrooms

Imagine Better and the Back to the Future Campaign leverage the power of story as inspiration for kids to become real life heroes. Rather than let characters live and die on the page (or the screen), we activate the parallels between fiction and real-life. We charge kids with activating their own civic imaginations to make the world a better place.

We believe that all children are capable observers, future-thinkers and problem-solvers. To serve the needs of varying age levels, the curriculum is designed in two sections:

Note: Each module is written directly to students so they can access them and use them without adult assistance. An accompanying teacher guide provides classroom connections, standards alignment and additional information for more formal implementation.

Travel like Marty McFly | Personal History StoryCorps App Activity

Visit the past by recording an oral history and sharing it with the world (via the Story Corps App)
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Future-Think | Design Your World in 2045

Identify a problem affecting young people in your community, then harness your powers of imagination to envision a future solution.
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Take Action Now for the Future | Project

Activate your vision for a better future. There’s no time like the present.
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These modules are written to teachers and allow multiple options so teachers can choose what will work best for their students. Activities are still student-centered (designed to allow for student independence and creativity). Student voice is critical to all Imagine Better curriculum pieces.

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At Home

Mealtime is a time to come together, connect, and heal. These gatherings provide great opportunities to discuss the things we care about personally, as well as our collective concerns. This module will give kids conversation cards and dinner games to take home and share with their families in order to have deep action-oriented conversations about the future.

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With Groups

Lead a workshop with your organization, club, business, or even among your friends!
– We Don’t Need Roads: Civic Imagination and Inventing the Future
– General Audience (ages teen-adult)
– Timeframe: 60 minutes


– Understand and describe the importance of civic imagination
– Practice imaginative fun future-think to imagine a better world

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