A: C’mon, silly, we answered it here. But just ‘cause we’re nice, we’ll tell ya again. The Back to the Future Campaign encourages us to look positively toward the future and answer these four questions (well, four to begin with, anyway):

– What will the world look like in 2045?
– What are the steps to getting there?
-How can I, as an individual, start on that first step?
-How can we, as a world community, start on that first step?

A: The opportunities are limitless! You can submit through this website with your own video or piece for the time capsule. You can use the StoryCorps app to record conversations – which you can find more about here. Text, art, video, song, dance, poetry – submit in any way that you can think of! After all, where we’re going, we don’t need roads. Or – well – roadblocks to creativity.
A: Buckle in. The DeLorean has quite a way to go.

  • From October 21 through November, we’re really gonna need your help. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, text, or messenger pigeon are all good ways to let your friends know about us and start a discussion.
  • Use Thanksgiving and Christmas to let your family know. Sit down and have a conversation with them about their views for the future. Maybe they’ll know how to craft those hoverboards.
  • Throughout all of this make sure to post, post, post. We want to hear your ideas!
  • You can also write letters from your 2045 self to your current self and we’ll send you that email on October 21, 2016. Where is your future-self now and how did they get there? Was Hitch 2: Son of a Hitch a hit?
  • We always make New Year’s Eve resolutions for ourselves. Well, this year, we’re going make resolutions for our world. What do we want to achieve in 2016?
A: You can find that out on our handy, dandy partners page.
A: Send them to us here, and we’ll post them for you. In fact, we’re going to post them right here. And then you can share them, and your friends can share them, and your friends’ friends, and… well, you get the point.

A: We’ll go out with a bang in January, when we partner with the US Department of Arts and Culture to make a People’s State of the Union. Next year, we’re gonna send your letters back to your future-selves.