We’re saving the clock tower (that is, future present, and the past itself), starting on Back to the Future Day – the day that Marty, Doc, and Jennifer head into the future, the day propelling us into a campaign that inspires all of us to believe that the future is malleable, that we can imagine better.

The Back to the Future Campaign (October 21- January 31) champions a new kind of thinking, one that that prioritizes the ideal over the cynically-defined “likely,” one that believes that to create a wonderful world, we have to imagine it first. We are at a societal crux during which we need to develop creative solutions to the great problems of our world. However, if we imagine that the future is dark and hopeless, we will find ourselves listless and unmotivated. However, with the Back to the Future Campaign, we can start to build the future that we want, instead of a future that we dread. We can harness Doc and Marty’s optimism and venture into a world and a future that is malleable simply through our ability to imagine the change.

Now, take your own imagination to 88 mph and create your ideal 2045. Submit your thoughts, videos, paintings (anything!) to our online time-capsule, and we’ll build our world together.

As Doc says, “Go forth, time travelers, and remember the future is what you make it!”


Time Capsule